At Kasper Ag, our motto when it comes to planters is "Do Simple Better"

Let's build the planter of your dreams. Together, we can take what you have and REPOWER it.

​​Why waste your time and money at a dealership

You don’t need an entirely new planter, so why wait to buy one?

We can retro-fit what you already have and give you the option to pick and choose exactly what features you want. 

There are new advancements that allow us to overcome issues we previously couldn’t. For example, with DeltaForce and row cleaners we can now conquer a lot of no-till conditions. Planter fertility has been majorly improved to now give us more flexibility instead of making extra trips with a spreader. There has also been improvements in multi-hybrid planters, dry insecticide options, in furrow micro-nutrients and new closing wheel technology.

A tool that was originally just dropping seed in the ground, can now do so much more for you in just one pass across your field.

Together, we can custom build you a planter to improve your bottom line, capability, and efficiency.

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