Vision CDM data management

The data from your farm can be extremely valuable to your bottom line. But with so many players in the market how can you tell if they have your best interests in mind and whether they are selling your data for their own profit? At Kasper Ag our data management program is local, and private. Ask us how we can be your trusted partner to make sense of your data. 

Your Data, Your Bottom Line

Yield maps are great, but they do not tell the “why” behind growers’ yields. Our program provides the analytical toolset to uncover the driving and limiting factors behind your growers’ yield. When building management zones and variable rate planting prescriptions with growers, advisors are setting them up for success. At the end of the year, how do growers know if they made the right decisions on their farm for plant population? Or N rate? Our Learning Blocks™, Field, Grower and Group Reports  answer these questions plus many more.

The analysis runs at three different levels. A lot of reports are run at the field level with Field Reports. We have found that the majority of the time, most meaningful data analysis is what can be analyzed at each, individual field because at the field level, management decisions are made and change is implemented. 

Grower Reports lets advisors and growers see results of individual parts of fields put together and summarized across the entire operation. There are a variety of grower reports advisors can create: Grower Farm History Report, Grower Variety By Soil Type Report, Grower Variety By Field Report, Grower Top Ten Report, Grower Average Variance Reports, Grower Average/Variance Report With Attributes. 

Our data analysis digs even deeper in that Vision CDM provides growers with Group Data analysis from a regional basis, and then through data sharing agreements, you can confidentially and anonymously share your field data across the entire Vision CDM Crop Systems database. With these three analysis levels, our system gives growers actionable field intelligence from their fields, not research farms hundreds of miles away. 

Looking at more than 2 or 3 layers of data on a yield map and trying to visually find the relationships is almost impossible. At Kasper Ag, we use our proprietary software to find the relationships for our advisors. We add acres in our database each year from the Corn Belt’s most progressive growers, giving advisors the ability to harness the power of group data and apply the lessons learned to improve a grower’s operation.

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