Data Management and Analysis

The data from your farm can be extremely valuable, but with so many players in the market how can you tell who has your best interests in mind? Are they are selling your data for their own profit?

At Kasper Ag our data management program is local and private. Ask us how we can be your trusted partner and help make sense of your data.


Yield maps are great, but they do not tell the “why” behind growers’ yields. Our program provides the analytical toolset to uncover the driving and limiting factors behind your growers’ yield. At the end of the year, how do growers know if they made the right decisions on their farm for plant population? Or N rate? Our learning squares, field, grower and group reports answer these questions plus many more.

By building management zones and variable rate planting prescriptions with growers, advisors are setting them up for success. We add acres in our database each year from the Corn Belt’s most progressive growers, giving advisors the ability to harness the power of group data and apply the lessons learned to improve a grower’s operation.

Become a part of our network of local growers who want to dig deeper. If you agree to join our data sharing program, then your data will be confidentially and anonymously compiled into our database.

Our system gives growers actionable field intelligence from their fields, not research farms hundreds of miles away. 


+ Site specific reporting using your data

+ Provide confidential comparison report, where your data and analysis results will be compared to our other clients

+ Set learning squares to run 1 acre trials

+ Write prescriptions for variable rating N, P, K, seed, etc.

+ Analyze historical data to identify trends

+ Correlation testing to determine yield limiting factors

+ Condense data by using a client, farm, and field organizational system 

And much more!

After harvest, we can use the geographic location to cross reference points between data sets and show you exactly what is happening in each of your fields.

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