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Since 1937 Beck’s has been in the seed business. They are the fourth-largest seed brand in the United States, providing high-yielding corn, soybeans, wheat, and elite alfalfa to farmers. Our philosophy is to provide farmers with the most choices in traits and technologies that will perform best on their farm. We’re dedicated to using what we know to always do what’s right for the farmers. To ensure they receive the best in seed quality, field performance, and service, we continue to back a quality line of products with a quality way of treating customers.

It doesn’t stop there though – to prove just how committed we are to helping you and your bottom line, Beck’s offers a 100% Free Replant Policy and protection with Escalate (a proprietary seed treatment, see article below). 

“If there is a need to replant a stand of corn or soybeans, as determined by a Beck’s representative, we will furnish the seed and royalties free of charge.”  – Beck’s Hybrids

Check out this print out from Beck’s explaining more!

Practical Farm Research (PFR)

Another reason we partner with Beck’s is their Practical Farm Research (PFR). 
PFR started in 1964 when Sonny Beck returned home from Purdue University with an interest in basic agronomy research. As a farmer, he saw the value in conducting unbiased research outside of the land grant system.

PFR annually runs tests on any product, management practice, system, piece of equipment, or any other concept that may bring value to the farm in the form of increased return on investment (ROI). 

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