We are your local Beck’s Dealer

Since the beginning, we’ve been farmers. We face the challenges and through hard work and an unwavering determination, we persevere. Farming is full of extremes, and we embrace the lows as much as the highs. It’s what drives us each morning. It’s what we can’t wait to do each day. And it’s what is in our hearts. That’s what makes Beck’s and Kasper Ag different. 

The seeds your farm needs: Official Beck’s Hybrids partner

Everything you grow starts with the seed. So we make sure what you’re planting is top quality. Our partnership with Beck’s Hybrids allows us to get you the highest quality product from the largest family-owned seed company out there. They have the best access to technology and genetics, so you know that your products are certified premium. 

Performance based on Geography


Because Beck’s sources and breeds genetics that are best suited for each of our customers throughout our marketing area, we are able to deliver region-specific products that will bring higher yields in smaller geographies. When testing products, one hybrid could win multiple plots across the country, but another hybrid shows better results in a smaller region. We place the strong regional hybrids to your farm. Placement is key.


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