Precision Planting

When it comes to your crop, there’s no reason to leave things to chance any longer. As an authorized dealer of all things Precision Planting, we’re here to help bring your farm into the modern era with top notch equipment and unmatched service to go along with it. This isn’t us dropping off some high-tech, complex equipment at your door and taking off. At Kasper Ag, we guide you through the whole process, from setup to harvest and everything in between.

Unmatched technology

Precision Planting has lead the way in changing how farmers look at their planters. Have us come out for a free planter inspection and see how we can help bring you more bushels.


We farm too, and we know how important it is to keep moving. With over 10 years experience, we have the knowledge and inventory to help you get the job done.

Your bottom line

We don’t farm for practice, we farm for profit. Ask us how we can help.


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